Book Me via Phone or Video Chat

Receive a 30 minute Psychic Medium session with Allison via phone, Google HangOut, or Zoom.

This type of session features a free-flowing conversation & is 100% about you - the messages that come forward in Spirit will help guide & inform you of: 

(1) what you are currently facing in life, 
(2)the decisions / opportunities / roadblocks you may encounter,
(3) the future that awaits you based on how you're currently navigating your life ahead, 
(4) & what you can do to take control of your circumstances to realize your ideal future.

Book Me via E-Mail

Receive a channeled message from Allison that offers a detailed answer (at least one paragraph in length) with channeled insight provided directly from Spirit. 

This typed response will address one question that you have. The question should be specific in nature & focus on only one particular area of your life that you would like to know about (i.e. employment prospects OR anticipated financial changes OR romantic relationship dynamics OR current health journeys, etc.).

Your reading will then be conveniently delivered to you via e-mail on the delivery date of your choosing.

My Booking Policy

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