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This is very much like a mini Psychic Medium session providing a direct answer from Spirit concerning one (1) question that you have. The question should be specific - a more detailed question will directly reflect how detailed your channeled message will be. 

I'll answer your question via direct communication with Spirit. With this approach I won't be using cards (Tarot / Oracle) or spiritual tools of any kind. Instead I'll receive your answer via visions, direct spoken words, or feelings / emotions from Spirit. I'll then type up your answer directly into the e-mail I plan to send you. I basically do this by using a mix of Automatic Writing + Direct Channeling

I just let Spirit take up my keyboard & type through me.

Spirit is all about equal input / equal output (balance) & can at times be a bit cheeky like Rumpelstiltskin. So the more broad your question is, the more vague your channeled message will be. The more specific you get with your question, the more likely Spirit will also provide dates, timelines & benchmarks to watch out for or a series of events most likely to unfold. It's also better to avoid posing questions that could be answered with a simple "yes" or "no".


You get to choose when you receive your answer

You get to pick your own date that you receive your e-mail reading when you click the "Book Now" button above! That means you control when you will be receiving your answer to the question. Two (2) of these readings are available per week with answers e-mailed out to you on either Thursday or Friday night.  

Examples of specific questions

"I'm stuck between two job opportunities and I'm not sure which one is the best fit for me and will provide me with what I'm looking to build in the future, what does Spirit have to say about this?"

"What's going on with my physical health at the moment?"

"It's been several years since the sudden passing of my mother & I think she's around... is my mother at peace?"

"I've just applied to a job after working 3 years in that field. Is there anything I need to know about looking for work or more opportunities?"

"Will I get the house I put an offer in on?"

"I've been dating Alex for 6 months and everything feels so right with them, what lies ahead in our future?"


Examples of vague questions

"What is my life purpose?"

"Does my mom have any messages for me?"

"What are my Psychic abilities?"

"Is money coming?"

"Will I find love?"


Note: Follow-up questions that arise after reading your channeled message are not accepted. Some of the more vague questions listed above are actually perfect topics to discuss during a more in depth Psychic Medium session via Phone, Google Hangout or Zoom. If you're seeking a more in depth response, you'd like to have multiple questions answered at one time, or you're unsure what you would like to know about - it would be best to consider booking me for a 15-minute or 40-minute Psychic Medium session.  

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