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Booking your Psychic Medium session with Allison

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Note: I am not available outside of the dates & times provided. I am currently only taking bookings up to 45 calendar days into the future. All times listed should automatically consider your time-zone but please double check that it's showing the appropriate time. My time-zone is EST & when referring to your booking in all communication I will most likely use that time-zone.


It's recommended that you prepare some questions & a loose break-down of your current concerns or guidance desired / needed. I'm capable of connecting in Spirit on your behalf during the session without any questions, topics, or prompts. However I like to make the most of every moment with you & if there are specific things you are looking to know then I do encourage you to have that list handy for your own convenience. I know that my rates aren't cheap & I care very much about arriving at a natural space of resolution by the time our 40 minutes together are finished. If for any reason the session ends before the last message is fully resolved, I typically send out an e-mail afterwards to sum up & bring that final message full circle for a sense of closure during the session.


What can you find out in a Psychic Medium session with me?

A session with me usually doesn't involve the use of any divinatory tools (i.e. Tarot or Oracle cards, a crystal ball, a pendulum, etc.).

It's important to note that I'm a Psychic & Medium. This means that I can provide both Psychic insight & Mediumship communication directly from Spirit. I don't need tools to do either of those things. This is how I've always preferred to do one-to-one spiritual work. If you ever see me using cards of any kind - you're probably seeing me on one of my social media accounts or you've had the pleasure of sharing space with me in a workshop (as I periodically teach "How to read Tarot" & intuitive development classes).

Your session will include either Psychic insight OR Mediumship communication depending on what you're seeking to know about. For some people their session will be entirely comprised of Psychic information (on how to better handle circumstances in your life) & for others it will include only Mediumship communication (to connect directly with Spirit Guides or Loved Ones that have Passed On). It's entirely possible for your session to include a little bit of both aspects - it all depends on the curiosities you bring with you into the session.

Are you still unsure what the difference is between Psychic insight & Mediumship communication?

Psychic Insight

Psychic insight may include anything that is connected to you from the past, present, & / or future. That means I may touch upon any / all of the following subjects (where the amount of information that comes forward is directly reflective of the amount of time we have booked together):

- Love, relationships & marriage
- Children
- Health
- Career & education
- Finances
- Events that happened in the past
- Issues occurring in the present
- Things that may happen in the future
- Whether you possess any spiritual gifts yourself (plus how you may more easily tap into these gifts)
- The trajectory of your current path, leading to potential paths in the future

Mediumship Communication

I will communicate directly to the Spirits connected to you in order to seek out the following information for you:

- Who is watching over you
- How they may be affecting your everyday life
- How they may manifest for you through signs, symbols & messages
- What their intentions are in attempting to communicate with you
- Any "unfinished business" they may feel they have left behind
- Whether they are at peace
- How they may be looking out for you (especially if it's a Loved One being protective)
- Answers about their life or passing & what they are up to now

You may prefer to know more about your Spirit Guides, Past Lifetimes, Higher Self or any other aspect of the soul. All of these subjects are also connected to Mediumship communication.


What else might happen?

At any point during your Psychic Medium session you can literally ask me anything & I will provide you a direct line of communication with Spirit. 

This type of session is 100% about you & so the messages I articulate during our time together are intended to help you with what you're currently facing in life. I try my best to focus on actionable information that will provide results & allow for you to take control of your circumstances. That means no two sessions are ever alike!

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