"I've always thought
that a big laugh is a 
really loud noise from
the soul saying, 
'Ain't that the truth.' "
- Quincy Jones


"clear seeing"


"clear hearing"




divine blueprint holder

What I do

I'm a Psychic  & Medium who is actually incredibly left-brained & enjoys taking metaphysical concepts & grounding them within reality. 

What does that mean exactly? 

I happen to have a Business Commerce degree, as well as a diploma in Advertising. I've also worked a corporate job & offered business consulting services long before (& during) the past 8 years I’ve spent as a Professional Psychic Medium.

As one who also loves seeking balance between both worlds - I also work a muggle job that I love as a PSW (personal support worker). 

As Leo season roars its' glorious head in August 2022, I 'm entering my 9th year of business - offering my unique spiritual abilities for those seeking direction while navigating  their life's path & purpose. I basically help people to understand, leverage & expertly maneuver their way through daily opportunities, decisions, hurdles & goals. All of those fun things we do each & every day while carving out a path toward what we hope will be our ideal futures. 

Pretty cool, huh?

To tell you the truth, I am a different kind of Psychic Medium. I'm the kind that believes in altruism, holding compassionate space & above all else - that my ability to connect to Spirit is a calling that I just can't ignore.

I was born clairvoyant and have always possessed my Psychic abilities - which through most of my life came through in prophetic dreams. It was only 8 years ago that my Mediumship abilities arrived with a bang, to allow me all-at-once to see dead people... 

And spirit guides, ancestors, a representation of the soul / higher self & so much more. 

For the most part I'm completely self-taught and self-trained via tons of daily insight & loving guidance from Spirit. 

I didn't actually seek out this work. This work with Spirit 100% found me.

I've been told by my clients that I communicate my messages from Spirit in a loving, relatable & down-to-earth way. I'm incredibly left-brained, remember? That made my journey getting here all the more interesting & spicy - but it also honed my relationship with Spirit into one that's blunt, practical & completely no-nonsense. Part of my gift is an immediate ability to see, hear, feel and experience life through the soul-lens of my client. 

This happens naturally for me through my unique cocktail of spiritual gifts that include the ability to;

  • receive intensive, multi-layered visions,
  • experience first-hand your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual states / your overall wellness,
  • & receive what I lovingly refer to as “Spirit Radio” (direct auditory messages from Spirit).



How I got here

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a mother, a doctor, a teacher, a therapist... basically anything & everything that I recognized to be the most loving & nurturing of jobs in life. As long as I can remember I've always dreamt of being able to help others to heal.  I truly care about people, their overall happiness & well-being. I'm not just saying that. Those who know me personally know just how soft + squishy I really am.

I embraced that dream in my own way by attending college & university in the Advertising & Business Commerce fields. I was young & I honestly thought: "I'm going to change the world by climbing the corporate ladder!". I did give that a really good try, working a corporate job for my first 5 years out of university. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be but I had always had a passion for creative / technical writing, graphic design, web design & all sorts of website coding. I truly felt like I had it all at the height of my corporate journey - I was creative as all heck & left-brained enough to help run a medical device company. 

But eventually I needed a change. As we all do. I wanted to find a way to more tangibly help people with the biggest challenge of all... Living & navigating our way through life

Spirit was right there beside me as I traversed my journey from being a unique, old-soul / motherly little girl into that incredibly ambitious & driven young woman. And when I was ready for a change I suddenly woke up 8 years ago in the summer of 2014 with my 3rd eye fully open. I literally woke up & could see Dead People. Everywhere.

At first I didn't even believe it myself.

I questioned everything, including my own well-being. And as my savvy, left-brained, corporate-world, boss babe self; I immediately started testing the boundaries of this new-found ability with anyone who would listen. 

I treated the entire experience like a science experiment: 

  • My hypothesis: "Well I guess I'm a Psychic Medium now." 
  • My procedure: Periodically pushing myself through that burning feeling inside that kept urging me to speak up & say something. Anything that articulated what I could see in my head, see all around me, hear in my ears & feel in my heart. I allowed my inner-knowing to become my outer expression.
  • The data: It turns out that I was right with the random things I would choose to share & say far more than I was wrong. 
  • My conclusion: "Well I guess I'm a Psychic Medium now."

Within three (3) months of me discovering these abilities I transitioned from my full-time, corporate career into a full-time Professional Psychic Medium. I also appeared in my first major Psychic Expo that featured upwards of 100 practitioners & vendors. 

In our modern, post-pandemic, world - I no longer do the traveling thing. I was starting to plan my exit strategy with Spirit from that constantly-traveling-for-business lifestyle months before Covid arrived in North America. So for me the tragic & unexpected that hit us on a global scale actually aligned with my own personal desires & goals. 

I'm now very quietly content & fulfilled offering  Psychic Medium sessions & E-mail readings every week, while co-hosting the Rising Within Podcast with Jenn Rose & working part-time as a PSW (personal support worker). I now feel like I get to live my dream Superman / Clark Kent life with the best of both worlds. All while fulfilling that little girl's dream of providing love & nurturing to others as my full-time job.

Who I am

  • A gamer-girl. My gamer tag is actually: DivineScopetress.
  • Obsessed with anime.
  • My cat Holly is my very best friend (and often makes that known in the middle of sessions with me).
  • Cooking, baking & coffee-crafting is a way of life.
  • Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, tabletop games & tons of nerdy fandoms (Star Wars + Star Trek + Doctor Who + DC + Marvel & more) are very much my thing.

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