Hello there Sweet Soul!

Welcome to my website & thank you for joining me.

You have arrived at the digital home of Allison - a Professional Psychic & Medium.

I'm just a nerdy, introverted, free-spirited & left-brained woman who happens to possess some pretty profound natural spiritual abilities. I'm a Psychic & a Medium who chooses everyday to connect with my spiritual gifts to co-facilitate the navigation of this beautiful thing called: life. I deliver powerful messages that are shared with me directly from Spirit. These messages affirm & validate your own unique hopes, fears, goals & choices in life. 

I am a gifted Light Worker who excels in articulating the metaphysical & intangible in an easy-to-understand & fully intellectually digestible way. Some may even call me a Divine Blueprint Holder because the infinite pathways of future possibilities are revealed to me via my special connection to Spirit.

I welcome you to sit & stay a spell while you browse through my website to get to know me. You can also take a quick peek at what I believe in, what I choose to represent & how I live my life in those mundane moments between my metaphysical musings via my eclectic collection of TikTok videos. I like to use cards for TikTok as a visual aid & teaching tool because - well... some card decks can be very pretty & cool to look at. 

But I will only use cards for my Psychic Medium sessions by request.

Psychic Medium Sessions

Messages that come forward during these sessions will help you with what you are currently facing in life. Information will be shared with you in a nurturing, relatable & down-to-earth way to aid you in feeling even more empowered while navigating life.

You & I will essentially be hanging out together with Spirit. "Spirit" for me is comprised of a lovely comforting mix of your Spirit Guides, Loved Ones who may have passed on, your Higher Self & any other helpful spiritual energies around you.

I don't use cards or tools to get the job done.

This is simply a cozy little meet-up with you + me + Spirit.


E-mail Readings are Back!

This is very much like a mini Psychic Medium session that provides you a direct answer from Spirit concerning one (1) question that you have

I will answer your question via direct communication with Spirit. With this approach I don't use cards (Tarot / Oracle) or spiritual tools of any kind. I receive your answer via visions, direct spoken words, or feelings / emotions from Spirit. I then type up and e-mail you about what I'm seeing / hearing / feeling by using a mix of Automatic Writing + Direct Channeling

I basically let Spirit take over my keyboard.

Check Out My Podcast

The podcast where Jenn Rose & I harmonize the reality of being here with the reason behind it.

Just like practical magic

"We are the women who are independent, fearless, risky & successful. The women who do absolutely everything to create the life of their dreams. The women who don’t need a clap for motivation & are their own fiery muse."  
~ @thefierymuse

Here's how you can get to know me...

If you're curious to learn more about me, how my gifts work, what I do in my downtime, how long I've been a Psychic Medium for & more - then you're welcome to check out my About page or social media accounts.


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